Button sizes

4 different size: Extra-Large, Large, Default and Small.

Button shapes

4 different shapes: Default, Round, Square and Circle.

Button with icons

Buttons are fully integrated with 900+ icons.

Button with shadow

Enhance your Button with a shadow effect.

Button with border effect

Enhance your Button with a border animation.

Button fluid

Fluid Buttons span the full-width of a parent Column.

Button with dynamic URL

Link a Button with any internal Page, Portfolio or Post.

Button with Lightbox

Link a Button with any Image, Video or Audio file, and display it in a Lightbox.

Edição de Vídeo" class="custom-link btn border-width-0 btn-default btn-flat btn-icon-left" data-active="1" data-lbox="ilightbox_single-29482">Lightbox Vimeo

Custom colors

Enhance your Button with a nice color effect.

Flat hover effect

Apply a nice classic flat hover effect.

Custom typography

Enhance your Button with different typographic options.